Clean is not the same as pure

However, we do not produce all products in the cleanroom, rather – according to requirements – we also manufacture outside. Nevertheless, in the end these products have to be pure. So what do we do? Put it into the washing machine: we have an ultra-pure water washing machine which connects the dirty production area with the cleanroom via a sluice.


In addition to our ultra-pure water washing machine, SAMAPLAST AG possesses a water-processing unit with which we prepare HPW water (Highly Purified Water) according to Eur. Pharm. This is necessary to supply our washing machine. So it all goes hand in hand – optimised and certified.

Ultra-pure water washing machine

  • spray cleaning using a rotating method
  • rinsing
  • drying (warm-air drying) of medicinal technology parts from a size of 0.8 x 4mm
    • titanium
    • POM
    • MBS
    • PEEK etc.