Cleanroom production is a matter of trust

It is necessary to manufacture clinically clean products for many purposes. We at SAMAPLAST AG have two cleanrooms for this task in which we manufacture these products and carry out finishing operations. In addition, with the help of our laser-marking systems, we are able to distinguish medicinal products with the most diverse surface structures and forms, so that they can be made both identifiable and traceable.


This is all done to the required quality and excellence. You can rely on that!

2 cleanrooms

  • GMP compliant
  • ISO class 7 (in operation)
    according to
    EN ISO 14644


  • medicinal parts
  • implants
  • instruments

Finishing operations

  • laser marking
  • ultra sonic welding
  • mechanical processing
  • modular assembly
  • tempering (also under a nitrogen atmosphere)
  • final packing etc.