Packaging is also important

Packaging lies at the end of the production line. In order that nothing can go wrong here, we package medicinal products in such a way that their application characteristics and capabilities do not change during the entire life cycle.


We document the process of final packaging and produce proof that the specific requirements regarding sterility and functionality are fulfilled during the entire life cycle, which is until the point of use. That’s our guarantee to you.


So that nothing happens to the valuable goods during transportation, we are also happy to undertake safe packing in protective packaging.

Standard packaging

  • bag
  • blister


  • heat sealing process
  • validation of effectiveness and duplicability
    (ISO 11607-2)


  • sterilisation
  • ageing


  • environment simulation/performance test according to ISTA 2A
  • accelerated ageing according to ASTM F 1980
  • visual tests according to ASTM F 1886
  • PEEL test according to ASTM F 88
  • dye test according to ASTM F 1929
  • burst and creep test according to ASTM F 1140
  • bubble emission test according to ASTM F 2096
  • test for germ-resistance in moist conditions according to
    DIN 58953 part 6 etc.